Netflix’s “Bling Empire“ star Kane Lim thanks Rihanna

Netflix’s “Bling Empire“ star Kane Lim thanks Rihanna for blowing up his Instagram account

Kane Lim credits Rihanna for igniting his reality tv career. The star known from Netflix’s new series “Bling Empire“ thanks her for boosting his Instagram account. He started his profile kanelk_k to post about his passion which is lifestyle and fashion. It is unknown when Rihanna actually followed him, but her support had an impact on his profile, as he told the Voyage LA Magazine in 2019:

Kane Lim: Instagram following attracted press

I have to credit the iconic Rihanna who followed me one day, and because of her I vividly remember how my phone died from the amounts of notifications I had. I’ve gained international press because of my following and been featured in numerous articles/publications and tv shows around the world.

The son of a billionaire, who moved to Los Angeles nine years ago, reveals that he usually used his social media profiles to raise awareness for charities. The now 30-year-old turned them more into fashion since. He reportedly owns over 200 pairs of designer shoes valued at over $380,000 in total and a customised Ferrari.

Apparently Rihanna even supports Lim by liking and commenting his pictures: She has been super kind to comment when she liked an outfit or even telling what jacket I should wear to her concerts.

Lim invested a small loan from his father, paid him back promptly and made his first million before he turned 20. Now Lim owns several luxurious shopping malls in Southeast Asia and owns an investment holding company with a portfolio spanning hospitality, renewable energy and property, as South China Morning Post reports.

“Bling Empire“ was released on Netflix on January 15, 2021, and is basically a real-life “Crazy Rich Asians“. The series centers on some of Los Angeles’ rich kids.