Austin Mahone wearing Rihanna’s SavageX Boxer Briefs

Austin Mahone wearing Rihanna's SavageX Boxer Briefs (January 15 2021)

Austin Mahone just posted a picture on Instagram wearing Rihanna’s SavageX Boxer Briefs. The American singer, who also joined OnlyFans last year, thanked the brand for sending him a package. Meanwhile, his fans thanked him back for his “package“.

Austin Mahone had a crush on Rihanna

The picture seems to show the 24-year-old artist in his bedroom in Miami, Florida. At age 17 Mahone already called Rihanna “cute and would later reveal to have a crush on her: “She’s a ten“, he told Capital FM in May 2014. Around that time, Rihanna was even his wallpaper on his cell phone.

The Boxer Briefs launched last year when SavageX dropped a first menswear line. The piece Mahone wears is sold out, however, the brand just launched more menswear for its new Valentine’s Day collection. New Boxers are available here.