BIA: “I don’t care who likes me, Rihanna likes me”

BIA talks about Rihanna in her new interview with NBC10 Boston (January 14 2021)

Rapper BIA is not a stranger to a Rihanna fan. In October 2019, the singer used one of her songs in a clip uploaded on her Social Media while on vacation in Mexico. The video shows Rihanna walking to BIA’s verse out of Russ‘ song “Best On Earth which was earlier nominated for a BET Hip Hop Award. Rihanna captioned the slow-motion video “thank you for my new fav song” knowing that Russ even references her in the lyrics.

BIA talks to NBC10 Boston: Rihanna’s support for “Best On Earth”

BIA (29) started her professional career in 2014 yet “Best On Earth” is her only song charting on the Billboard Hot 100 so far. Both Russ and her always appreciated Rihanna’s support that even sparked the “Best On Earth Challenge. Now BIA, who is also a SavageX ambassador, talked to NBC10 Boston and relived that moment again. She doesn’t like to seek for validation, but coming from Rihanna was different:

For me, the biggest part of that moment was more Rihanna, because if you have somebody that you look to, seek to for inspiration and who you love so much, embrace you like that… that is just surreal in itself. It’s like “I don’t care who likes me, she likes me.”