Who’s producing the beats in SavageX’s ads?

Jameson Rider Sand aka FDBK, the producer of the songs in Rihanna's SavageX ads

Jameson Rider Sand aka FDBK. The genre-defying music producer has produced, mixed and mastered every instrumental that you can hear in a SavageX clip since March 2019.

His portfolio includes a wide variety of music genres such as EDM, Hip Hop, Rock, Jazz and Country. However, when producing for SavageX, he’s doing it exclusively. The songs you hear in the commercials do not get released. Hence why music recognition apps such as Shazam are not able to identify a title.

Sand was also in charge for the beat that can be heard in a campaign of Rihanna’s new Valentine’s Day collection. Many fans wonder if it’s actually her singing on the beat. So who is that female voice singing lines such as “I know you want my body“ throughout the song? Some believe that it are pitched vocals by Rihanna herself.

Is Rihanna singing the song in SavageX’s new Valentine’s Day Ad?

We asked Sand for comment, but didn’t receive a reply yet. However, it is more likely that it’s not Rihanna. His other works include female voices as well.

Meanwhile Sand just took the chance and thanked the brand for always believing in him: “It is such an honor to make music with an organization that values individuality, equality, and unity and empowers everyone to be themselves.Read his full Instagram post here. He didn’t credit the female singer.