Apparently Rihanna is back in New York (January 2021)

Rihanna spotted at the French Pastis restaurant in New York (January 2021)

Rihanna seems to be back in New York City. Several fans and locals claim that they have spotted her in the States. Rihanna spent her holidays in Barbados after arriving on Dec 16 and the last time we’ve seen pictures of her was days before New Year’s Eve. Over the years, Rihanna became an expert on how to avoid paparazzi, but she can’t escape Social Media.

Her fan Kadeem was the first to claim that Rihanna got back to New York on January 6. There’s still no picture proof of it, however, there are even more people that might have seen her. User “tfldiablos“ from Queens tweeted something similar the next day.

Rihanna spotted at French “Pastis“ restaurant in New York

Another anonymous user claimed to have spotted her at the French “Pastis“ restaurant in Greenwich Village. A screenshot which was submitted to the Instagram page of “deuxmoi even reveals that the user had a little interaction with Rihanna: “My cousin and her girlfriend were with me and she leaned over and goes “sorry, I know I should mind my own business, but you guys are so cute“, then did a cheers through the plexiglass.

The account shares random moments from pop culture, but is on private. However, a fan also posted the screenshot on Twitter. It is unclear when that encounter actually happened, but apparently Rihanna was present with a friend. Atleast BFF Melissa seems to still be in Barbados (Jan 12).

Neither the user nor Pastis posted a pic of her appearance. Pastis re-opened in Summer 2019 after a five-year hiatus and had to face the Corona pandemic the next year. Meanwhile Rihanna spent all of 2020 in Los Angeles.