RHOSLC’s Heather Gay shares Instagram conversation with Rihanna

Heather Gay talks about Rihanna with ET's Brice Sander (January 13 2021)

Rihanna is a huge fan of the “Real Housewives“ franchise broadcasted on the US TV channel Bravo. She recently followed several members from “The Real Housewives of Potomac and seems to also watch the series out of Salt Lake City. Its star Heather Gay now revealed a little of her Instagram conversation with Rihanna. Speaking to “ET the Reality Star talks about how she felt when Rihanna randomly texted her “I’m obsessed with you in December last year:

Heather Gay: “I won’t let Rihanna down“

“It made me feel like, “bitch, get your act together!“ Like, don’t let Rihanna down. Like, don’t cry, “I’m divorced, I’m Mormon.“ You know, like, pull your panties up, Rihanna’s watching! She’s not gonna play. You know, that was huge. I didn’t believe it, but once I made sure and verified that was her… it makes me level up a little bit.“

Speaking to Brice Sander, Heather even reveals that she first started to Google on how Instagram bots work to make sure that it wasn’t a phisher. She would later reply simply by saying “same“. And the DMs didn’t stop there:

“She DM’d me back a feminist punch in the arm. Like, “listen, keep it real … and keep doing you, you’re on the right trajectory.“ And then I DM’d back like, “I won’t let you down, Rihanna!““

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City premiered on November 11, 2020. A second season was already confirmed. The series documents the lives of affluent housewives residing in various cities throughout the United States. Rihanna also follows Heather’s co-star Whitney Rose and had already outed herself as a fan of the series from Beverly Hills and New York City.