Fenty now accepts PayPal’s instalment plans

Fenty now accepts Paypal's instalment plans (January 2021)

Good news for fans of Rihanna’s fashion label Fenty. The French brand now accepts PayPal’s instalment plans, allowing buyers to pay off an order within several months. So far you could only pay per credit card or direct PayPal transfer.

PayPal’s Buy Now, Pay Later program is different from country to counry

Sample calculation: German buyer interested in the BLOCKT II MASK sunglass worth 370 Euro.

The Buy Now, Pay Later program first launched at Fenty.com in the United States last year (four payments, one every two weeks) and now rolled out to Europe and other countries.

Buyers from the UK are now able to pay off a purchase interest-free within three months. Meanwhile German buyers will pay an interest fee of 9,56% on top of the goods, but are able to settle the invoice within a full year.

Fenty, in partnership with LVMH, launched in May 2019 and targets the luxury market. The latest collection co-designed by Amina Muaddi released in November last year. A new drop is expected within the next weeks.