Rico Nasty: “Rihanna talks to me now, we’re sisters”

Rico Nasty talks about how Rihanna texted her in an interview with UPROXX

Rico Nasty talks about Rihanna in a new interview with UPROXX. The 23-year-old rapper is a self-proclaimed fan and got hired as a SavageX ambassador in 2020. Talib Kweli and Jasmin Leigh talked to Rico days before Christmas and asked whether or not she is still working with Rihanna now that she’s about to launch her own make-up collection. While confirming she is, she also talks about the fact that both artists are texting now.

“I am still a SavageXFenty ambassador and by the way, Rihanna just messaged today. Which was like.. oh, fucking Rihanna. Rihanna be messaging me. Like, this is crazy! This is fucking crazy.

If you ever seen an interview, any early interview from two/three years ago, I’m always talking about Rihanna, how much I love her. And the fact that she talks to me now, like, we’re sisters. I love my life, I love her so much. I’m definitely still working with her.“

Rico Nasty: “Rihanna is my hero, my inspiration“

Rico has called Rihanna an “inspiration“ and “hero“ before and looks up to her evolution: “She made her own lane and I love that shit. I love her for everything she’s done for women, black girls and fashion. If this bitch came out with a line of couches, I would buy a Rihanna couch.

After being introduced in Rihanna’s “Rihannazine” in early 2020, she was casted as part of the SavageX show in September the same year and even faced the campaign of the Xtra Vip Box that came out shortly after. Rihanna most likely got to know Rico in February 2018 as she liked her Instagram picture wearing a FentyxPuma hoodie. Rico signed to the Major Label Atlantic Records in June that year and is known for songs like “Own It“ and “Smack A Bitch“.