Rihanna made elastic girl Liberty Barros find her talent

Elastic girl Liberty Barros found her talent by recreating a dance move in Rihanna's "Kiss It Better" music video

Liberty Barros is not the typical 12-year-old girl you know. She can bend her body into completely unusual positions. Hence why press is calling her the “real life Elastigirl“ (a character in “The Incredibles“).

The student from Slough, Berks (UK), can bend her spine in half backwards and can touch her bottom with her head. It landed her gigs at youth circuses around the world including stops in Thailand, Malaysia, Portugal and Hollywood. Surprisingly, Rihanna is the reason how she even found out about her very special talent.

Trying to recreate a scene out of Rihanna’s “Kiss It Better“

According to Liberty she tried to recreate a scene she saw in a Rihanna music video. Even though she never mentioned its exact title, it is clear that it must be her 2016 released clip to “Kiss It Better“. The black and white video directed by British fashion photographer Craig McDean shows the singer rolling around on the floor including moves that make it seem like she’s bending. Liberty saw the video at age ten when she tried to imitate the move. While Rihanna’s head lands on the ground, hers landed on her bottom. “It was such a strange feeling at first“, she recalls the moment she first found out about her flexibility.

Liberty now has more than 30.000 followers on Instagram and uses her talent for work. The doctors still don’t know how she’s able to bend her body like that, as “DailyMail reports. Meanwhile Rihanna most likely used a podest to film the bending scenes, but don’t tell Liberty