Dua Lipa wearing Rihanna’s SavageX thong

Dua Lipa wearing Rihanna's SavageX Flocked Logo G-String (January 11 2021)

Dua Lipa just posted a set of pictures that seem to be shot during a family vacation (Jan 11). The “One Kiss“-singer shows off her black dress that lets parts of her thong peek out. Of course Rihanna fans were quick to notice: Dua is actually wearing SavageX‘s Flocked Logo G-String that first hit the market in September 2019.

Dua Lipa wants to work with Rihanna; could even think about a tour

This isn’t the first time the Albanian singer supported a Rihanna brand. She already wore the Fenty Leather Mini Skirt on The Voice of Germany, a Fenty Body Blouse as well as the Fenty The Affair Pumps and Fenty Date Night Pumps (twice).

Dua, who follows Rihanna on Instagram and Twitter, would also love to work with her. In May 2020 she revealed her dream (music) collaborators in two separate interviews and named Rihanna twice.

She mentioned Rihanna while talking to British GQ and even extended her wish while speaking in Nova’s Red Room Livestream. Dua said that she would even love to tour with her and begged Rihanna for new music.