Olly Alexander recounts meeting Rihanna again: “She smells amazing“

Olly Alexander recounts meeting Rihanna in 2018 again on the The Graham Norton Show (January 8 2021)

Olly Alexander talks about meeting Rihanna again. The “Years & Years“-singer talks about the “greatest night“ of his life in a new episode of The Graham Norton Show (Jan 8). The now 30-year-old songwriter first met Rihanna at the same show in June 2018 when the cast of “Ocean’s Eight promoted the movie in the UK. Back on the show Olly now said:

Olly Alexander on meeting Rihanna: “Greatest night of my life“

It’s good to be back where I had the greatest night of my life. Last time I was year I met Rihanna. I was very, very, very excited. I actually blacked-out, I don’t even remember the experience at all coming on here on the sofa. Meeting her, in front of all the other people, I just remember launching myself across Helena Bonham Carter to touch Rihanna. Just not even thinking about how that would look. And I watched it back and I was so embarrassed.

She was so nice. And I gave her the album after the show. I was like “you can put this straight in the bin, if you want to“. She looked at me and she was like “I would never do that“ and she hugged me and it was the best. It was the best experience ever. She smelled amazing!

Olly Alexander is a long-time member of the Rihanna Navy – and here’s proof

Olly Alexander is a huge fan. His first tweet about Rihanna dates back to July 2015 in which he told his followers about a dream he had: Rihanna tried to kill him. The self-proclaimed “Navy“-member would later reveal that he even attended Rihanna themed dance classes when he was younger and wears “ANTI“-branded shirts in public.

Among other tweets he also expressed his love for her during the 2016 Brit Awards (Feb 24) where both were as close as never before.

Of course meeting her in person is an anticipated goal for every fan. Hence why Olly loves to recount the moment every time possible. In a Billboard-interview exactly 111 days afer the show he would even remember how many days passed since.

He didn’t even miss the first anniversary. Once a year passed he tweeted that it was the “greatest day“ of his life and that he feels blessed. In a German radio interview with 1LIVE he also revealed that he would love to be Rihanna for a single day, because “she sounds like she has the best life.“