“Ocean’s Eight“ is trending on Twitter in 2021 and this is why

TikTok-video gets “Ocean's Eight“ on the United States Twitter Trending Topics List (January 9 2021)

Ocean’s Eight“ is on the Twitter Trending Topics list of the United States in 2021 and many wonder why. The movie with celebrities like Rihanna, Sandra Bullock and Sarah Paulson, which released in 2018, is about a heist at the annual Met Gala. The Gary Ross directed movie grossed more than $290 million worldwide (budget of $70 million), yet a sequel was never announced. However, it is a TikTok-video that made people talk about the film now.

TikTok-video makes “Ocean’s Eight“ go viral on Twitter

User “official.nilla“, who is also a Los Angeles based rapper, recreated a part of the opening scenes of Sandra Bullock’s character Debbie Ocean using the original sound. Just out the prison, but with no belongings at all, Debbie goes shoplifting and uses her very own method.

While the original video has not more than 70.000 views on TikTok, it is a re-upoad on Twitter that went viral. User “Luxurious_hunee“ reposted the video with the caption “Did sis just unlock a new cheat code? Lol.“ More than a million users saw the clip in not only 24 hours which made people talk about the movie.

Many users didn’t even know it as the amount of views and retweets as well as several replies confirm. Hence why one user asked “literally nobody has seen Ocean’s 8?“ Referring to the fact that many didn’t know that the “cheat code“ is actually out a movie.

Maybe this is a great reason to watch it on Netflix now (selected countries) as you don’t want to miss one of the best female-renditions of an established film series. Rihanna is playing the blunt-smoking hacker Nine Ball aka Baller.