Rihanna donates money to a fan in need

Rihanna und ihr Styling-Team spenden Fan Sheena Ward 1.000 US-Dollar (7. Oktober 2020)

Putting my pride aside.“ These are the words Sheena Ward posted on all her social media profiles, announcing that she is in a really unfortunate position. She lost her job, is facing several health implications and does not even know how to pay rent anymore. It seems like the world is falling apart. The owner of the fashion blog “Haus of Rihanna resides in Tokyo, Japan, but is born in Barbados – the home country of her idol Rihanna. She just initiated a fundraising campaign to ensure that atleast the rent can be paid. And Rihanna is among the first donors.

Rihanna and her styling team donate 1.000 dollars

More than 45 people already donated 2.452 US-dollars within the first 24 hours the campaign was online. The aimed goal of 3.000 dollars is almost reached. And according to her own words, Rihanna is among the partially anonymous donors: “Jahleel just gave me over $1,000. […] I can’t believe this. I just read the note. The backers were Jah, Rih & Amir.

Jahleel Weaver is Rihanna’s personal stylist for years and the “Junior Creative Director“ at Fenty Corp, a kind of parent company in charge of all her brands. He also holds the positions as “Deputy Creative Director“ and “Style Director“ at her LVMH-owned luxury fashion line Fenty. As a blogger of Rihanna’s most well known fashion blog, Sheena is in close touch with Rihanna’s styling team. In an interview with American “VOGUEshe once revealed that her team members regularly send her outfit info since atleast 2012. Amir Dayi, Jahleel’s assistant, is one of her informants.

Sheena: “I’m really crying“

All three together have sent Sheena a generous donation, which is one-third of her desired total. “I’m really crying. I have been in such turmoil for weeks. The thoughts that were running through my head. I wasn’t sure if I’d make it“, she later continued on Twitter. Generally she is blown away by the support of the entire Rihanna fan community, also known as the “Rihanna Navy“.

Sheena usually keeps her private life for herself and focusses on giving fans a detailed overview on Rihanna’s outfits (67.000 followers on Instagram, 1.2 monthly million viewers on Pinterest). She made a name for herself within the fan community as well as the world of fashion for even tracking down pieces that you could barely notice. Her website is running for nine years already and big magazines like “Harper’s Bazaar“ and “Paper“ are quoting her work. Even Rihannas-Rehab.com had to rely on her expertise in the past. That is also why we supported the campaign with a donation of 50 dollars.

Usually Sheena works as a fulltime English teacher. She moved to Japan again last year as it is her favorite country, she told us. Support the fundraising campaign here.